About Us

Cute name, serious results.
We’ve been in business since 1990, and have created effective and engaging communications for almost every kind of organization from industrial soaps and sausage casings (really!) to manufacturing, retail, financial, healthcare, not-for-profit and professional services companies. President & Chief Creative Officer Paul Schindel has won just about every industry award, and our staff provides website design & development, logos, branding & graphic design, copywriting, media services, and production capabilities in both digital and analog media.


Are you ready to
get serious results
from your marketing

We’re located in the Princeton area of Mercer County, NJ, the Capitol County. Thanks to the pandemic, we’re no longer located across the street from Princeton University. Oh well. That was nice while it lasted.

We invite you to call, email, text, or otherwise reach out to discuss your needs, hopes, challenges, pain points, frustrations … whatever is on your mind. We’re always ready to mix up a fresh batch of marketing porridge that’s just right.